Saturday, February 9, 2013

Line and Form in Winter

 A Greek Goddess and my "Little Ovoids" painting

Last Saturday's sunset from our front porch.

While driving back and forth through the neighborhood this past week, it dawned on me that winter's silhouette will soon be gone.  Likewise, views of the sky will be significantly diminished.  It first occurred to me as I drove up a steep windy road lined with a smorgasbord of deciduous trees.  I remember thinking, "Oh, that's right, this route will soon be laden with foliage and I will not be able to see the sky."  And then yesterday, as I passed a small tree with a particularly lovely profile, a series of thoughts seized me:  "Oh! That lovely tree!  Those gorgeous branches! This winterscape will soon be obliterated!  I must photograph the winter forms of the trees before their beautiful lines are lost to me! I must hurry to soak up the beauty of winter!"


Kristen Donegan said...

It's so true! Winter has such a special beauty we often take for granted because we are just trying to "get through it!"
Thank you for the reminder and love the colors of your painting with that sculpture - they were made to be together!

annamaria said...

What lovely thoughts! You are right, I should enjoy more the grey softness outside my windows. I was getting irritated with it recently, but you reminded me that soon that moist, embracing half-light will be gone, distances will once again become clearly evident and I will miss it.xo