Monday, August 26, 2013

Park and Art

Spokane boasts a wonderful park called Manito, loosely translated from the dialect of the indigenous tribes to mean "spirit of nature".  Designed in the early 1900s, it now features a Japanese garden, a formal annuals garden, a perennial garden, lilac gardens, a conservatory filled with cacti and succulents, and Mirror Pond.  Such an ambitious project for a young city that was so remote; and still, today, an ambitious project by the City and 100 volunteers to keep it so well maintained. 

My sister and daughter and I took a leisurely stroll through the park on Saturday afternoon in perfect weather and book-ended it with some productive art-making time.  I christened a new "speed painting" sketchbook.  Perhaps I will share some images from it on another day.  And now, the work week calls.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Black and Citron / Prints and Marks


 Versatex fabric dyes on recycled cotton .

Well yes, I said I would be picking up the paint brushes this week.  And actually, I was referring to painting on a canvas; but so far, all I've done is experiment with mark making on fabric in combination with relief printing. 
Tonight's the night:  I WILL put away the printing tools and inks, and bring out the acrylics.

Wishing you a creative, productive week -- whatever your work and/or activities may be!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend . . .





A little harvesting.
A little fire to prime the smokehouse for salmon.
A little photography of patinaed wood and metal.
A little printing.

Next up?  A little painting. :)

Have a great week, and thanks for visiting!