Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Little of This and That...


Happy weekend!!  I'm looking forward to attending a performance of the chamber chorus that my brother-in-law is a member of.  It's always so uplifting to hear their marvellous voices in unison.  After that, I hope to get down to business and glue something.....or sew something......or paint something.......

Above:   A few of my found pottery shards.  I have many and they never cease to please me.   Also, a framed reproduction of the small original print I posted last week, and another "study" of grid symmetry....just because :). 

And I've been meaning to sure to visit Alexandra Durao's Mi Mitrika shop and flickr sets.  This artist/maker from Portugal has such a graphic sensibility. Her use of color is wonderful and her styling is superb!  Oh, and her blog is here.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in my work.  I hope you're having a wonderful day....


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Small Print...Small Finds

 Monoprint 5" x 5"

 Delicate blossoms and orbs on a coastal woodland native...(but which one?)

Small "forest" of coastal moss

Last weekend offered a visual feast in contrasts of scale:  delicate new growth, as shown above, and  four glorious bald eagles at close range; two in low flight, directly overhead, and two in trees just past the shoulder of the road.

This weekend, I'm concentrating on bringing order to my home. And maybe, just maybe there will be time to resume some projects in the studio.

To all of you who are celebrating Mother's Day with mothers, grandmothers and/or children, I wish you a day filled with much love, warmth and happiness!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

"San Francisco" and Spokane

"San Francisco"
Acrylic on canvas  30" x 40" 2009

Above, a painting that evokes sky, water, bridges and structures.
Below, images from my recent trip to Spokane, Washington.


Woven "mega mesh" structure built for the 1974 Word's Fair in Spokane.
And at the very top of it--just barely visible in the photo--an Osprey nest!

A tree....with interwoven branches.

Close-up of a lovely sidewalk drainage grate.

Gondolas making their way in the mist across the deafening Spokane River Falls.

By contrast....stones to contemplate, beside the smallest of quiet pools in the
Japanese Garden at Manito Park.

Have a wonderful week!