Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Patchwork In the Land of Alders


-  A foggy morning at the bay, obliterating the view to the distant hills:  I was desperate to get outside with my camera twenty minutes earlier, when the fog seemed to be all the way to the picket fence. But a neighbor had "dropped in" to catch up and I couldn't very well say, "Excuse me while I grab my camera and run to capture the beauty."

-  Salvaged fabric, waiting to be patched together with some rhyme or reason:  A larger concept is unfolding, but first, a trip to a sewing machine repair shop is in order.

-  Patchworks in the "back forty":  My husband cleared five new patches of ground, planted five young apples trees, and sank large alder posts at the corners of the patches. We pulled heavy wire mesh around the posts to keep the deer from dining on the young trees. 
-  Nearby blueberry bushes in the glorious state of pink leaf buds with lichen and collected raindrops:  Winter, spring and fall are my favorite seasons to view the bushes.

Hope your week is going well. And thanks for visiting!