Sunday, February 24, 2013

A New Piece and Lingering Tulips

 Mixed Media Collage
5" x 5"


Normally, I tend to the bouquets that find their way into our home. By that, I mean I whisk away any flowers that are no longer in their prime.  But I missed a few beats with this Valentine's bouquet of beautiful pink and white tulips.  I had removed it from the center of our table so that I could spread work out and had placed it under a lamp and then didn't pay much attention to it.  But a few days ago when I went to turn the lamp off, I was struck by the translucent state of the decaying pink tulips.  They were stunning, especially with the light source nearby.  At that point, their petals still maintained their shape and the flowers had simply "relaxed" to the inverted-open-umbrella position.  But of course, as luck would have, we were in the middle of a string of very dark, Portland-grey days and I could not get good photos.  So I just continued to observe the process unfold, mindful of the fact that I had never taken the time to do so before.  Yesterday, they were in various sculptural states of demise and the light was with me.   Today, they'll be added to the compost pile but I will continue to enjoy them via these images.  The circle of life is so amazing. . .


annamaria said...

So true Gloria. I love watching tulips over their whole life cycle too. :-)

Kristen Donegan said...

Agreed! it's a melancholic beauty they way they die so delicately.

PS I love the texture going on in your collage :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Gloria!!!

Just a quick "drop in" to see what you have been up to.

1. My goodness! Your new work is really beautiful!

2. Great photos!!! You really inspire me!

3. Happy Spring!