Sunday, November 29, 2009

Portland's Eastside Esplanade

Best-laid plans to finish my painting and organize my "studio" were thwarted today when my husband announced he wanted to go for a bike ride. We hopped in the car and headed for Portland's South Waterfront Park and biked north and then across the Willamette to the East Esplanade. There wasn't much time to shoot photos, but I managed to get this interesting one of the shipyard from where the bike path crosses from the Eastside Esplanade over the Steel Bridge to Northwest Portland:

We finished the outing by stopping in at the Sunday Best Sale (see previous post) and all the goods were even better in real life!

So below is the current status of my Euro-Dresden-American folkcraft-schoolgirl. I'm afraid her right eye (left facing) has gone from bad to worse and now looks rather "cycloptic" (pretty sure that's not a word).

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hadley Hutton and Penfelt at the Sunday Best

Somehow, I've managed to miss the Sunday Best Sale in downtown Portland for three years running. Fact is, I didn't even know such a thing existed. Luckily, I received an email invitation to it yesterday from LeBrie Rich, (the "Duchess of Felt"), of Penfelt and I spent 1 1/2 hours visiting the websites of all of the amazing Oregon vendors who are participating today and tomorrow (11 - 7 pm) at "The Cleaners" on 10th and Ash. Hadley Hutton, a perennial favorite will be there. You can view her beautiful encaustics and prints in her Etsy shop or on her website. Additionally, the wonderful works of several letterpress stationers will be available as well as beautiful textiles, ceramics, jewelry and leather goods. Help support our local economy by supporting these artists/artisans, several of whom employ others in their small businesses.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Rough Start and the Beautiful Work of K. William Kaust

work in progress
Acrylic on canvas 16 x24 (cropped)

During the past month, I have been very busy at work. Like--work day and night busy. Artistic efforts basically came to a standstill and consequently, so did my blog. I now have a full week off, bookended by two weekends, and I'm bound and determined to get something done -- to have something to show for my days off. The above is my first effort, and what an effort it's been so far! This was supposed to be based on a very loose doodle-sketch that I did of a woman. The sketch was cartoon-like, and only three colors: yellow, orange/red/pink (mottled- which counts for one color), and black. The woman had big hair and an attitude. Somehow, I now have a Euro - primitive -Dresden schoolgirl who appears to have been painted with milk paint! In fact, the paint quality reminds me of carved American folk art pieces. Haven't decided whether to go with the current flow, fix the eyes (and a few other things) and wrap it up, or to add more color, more modeling and change the feel. Stay tuned. And meanwhile, check out the exquisite, new, American Folk art carvings by K. William Kautz. He's been on my "Favorites" list for several years and his work is truly amazing. My favorite piece in his website gallery is "Woman with Candelabra," which, by the way, is nearly 6' tall!