Monday, August 31, 2009


This design -- or at least one quarter of it -- was orginally developed for a screenprinting class I took with Palmarin Merges. I cut a simple stencil out of Contact Paper and then attempted to print it in multiple colors. I also printed it in black and then scanned it into Adobe Illustrator and put it into a pattern. It now looks sort of like a fancy papercut. But it's nothing like the fabulous papercuts of the Englishman, Rob Ryan. Best thing about his papercuts? They come with heartfelt, lovely sentiments expressed in prose. You can see some of his work in his Etsy store and also on his blog which, provides a peak into his studio and his various commercial endeavors.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Akua Kolor Monoprints 8" x 10"

Here are a couple of monoprints that I did at the end of a series of studio sessions with Lynn Thomas, a very talented musician and artist, who I first took a continuing ed class from through PNCA. Lynn also teaches music to children, through elementary school programs and privately. We used Akua Kolor waterbased inks in Lynn's classes. They're made with honey and stay moist and "active" on the plexiglass plates for weeks -- literally -- which is great for printmaking.