Sunday, December 13, 2009

Versatex Ink, Lichen and Pecans

Spent quite a bit of time printing this weekend -- and waiting around for a "weather event" that didn't really materialize. I used Versatex water-based screenprinting inks for the first time and am very pleased with the soft "hand" they impart to the fabric. I printed on a very light-weight linen and also on the front plackets of some recycled chef's coats that I bought for pennies at a rag factory and cut up. Not sure how I will make these "patches" into something useful, but I intend to do something with them. Christmas things came down from the attic, and Christmas lights went up outside, but nothing in the house looks like the holidays yet!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Frost Comes to the Bay

Friday night was rather magical at the ocean: cold, and quiet with virtually no wind or surf; a huge yellow moon rising behind the dunes; a sky bright with constellations; a row of soft, suffused lights from crab boats out beyond the flat surf; and the lanterns of clam diggers bobbing along the retreating little waves. Saturday morning on the bay -- the low light of winter, and a glorious frost.

A few hours of printing produced some interesting effects and some collage-worthy pieces, one of which is below.