Sunday, April 17, 2011

Industrial Graphics


I went across the Willamette river to Southeast Portland this afternoon. Ended up in a nearly abandoned area of warehouses and processing plants. Took lots of photos of an old, derelict dairy facility and fertilizer plant.  The top two photos were the most graphic...... Perhaps I'll show more later.

The first monoprint, above, was digitally altered; the second was not.

Sunday night again....Thanks so much for your visit and continued interest! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011



 Mixed media "snippets"

I've had a wonderfully quiet weekend that is coming to a close all too quickly.  Catherine was visiting and she painted up a storm while I "deconstructed" prints, prints, and more prints. (None of which are shown above.) I am planning to turn them into small collages and add them to my Etsy shop at some point.....hopefully, sooner rather than later. :)

Daphne (my favorite winter fragrance)

While she and I were working on our respective projects inside, my husband was busy in the garden.  He offered some grasses that had outgrown their beds to a neighbor down the street, and she brought this Deodara cedar cone for us to see.  So amazing to see the intelligence of nature! Turns out the cone makes a perfect starting pot for seed germination.  

Of course, I thought the cone had been on the ground and had come apart and collected seeds that then germinated.  But no, it's a genuine, high-density seed nursery where multiple layers of cedar seeds germinate in pop-up seed "cups"  that eventually "deconstruct" and swirl off the center spindle.  How cool is that?!

Deodara cedar cone 

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, too! 

(Oh, and by the I the only one that didn't know about the magic of these cones??)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Landscapes by Catherine Freshley

Untitled - by Catherine Freshley
22" x 30" 

Untitled -- by Catherine Freshley
 15" x 30"

Untitled -- by Catherine Freshley
18" x 24"

Untitled -- by Catherine Freshley
 15" x 30"

We're doing a little celebrating this month as our daughter, Catherine, has just hung her first solo show at Picabu Neighborhood Bistro in Spokane, Washington.  "Northwest Landscapes: The Pacific to the Palouse" includes twelve paintings comprising scenes from a pristine estuary, the Willamette valley and Cascade range in Oregon, and the grasslands of eastern Washington.   Here is an excerpt from Catherine's artist statement for the show:

"I have been fortunate to live the first couple decades of my life in places of particular natural beauty; whether that helped spawn my deep appreciation for place and home, or I have such a feeling for the water, the land and the sky because of it, I am not sure. For quite some time I wrote about the places that are important to me – attempting to recreate them, and preserve them as I know them, with words. While I have always been making art, it is only in the past year or so that I have taken to recreating these places (and some equally pretty, but less personally significant places) visually.

This interest in painting landscapes arose as a surprise to me, and suddenly, after driving across the country from New Orleans to Spokane. It started with a slightly blurry photo of a farm in Montana – taken one handed, eyes somewhere between focused on the road ahead and totally absorbed by the setting sun slinking across the backs of some cows and a low pond."                     

If you're in the area, stop by the Bistro to take a peek.  You can also find Catherine's work on her flickr site and in her Etsy shop.

It's been a lovely, "squally" day in Portlandia.  I managed to find visual inspiration while travelling through suburbia to get to the Department of Environmental Quality vehicle test station.  I saw gorgeous stands of bare poplar trees against an equally gorgeous sky; and a bonus stand of tall, dried cattails in a large wetland area.  A single red-winged blackbird stood sentry on the tip of one of the spent blooms; its form and colors in sharp contrast to the textures and subtleties of the browned cattails. Such a feast for my eyes!

Happy Saturday!!