Tuesday, March 12, 2013

That Diversionary Project

So here's a peek at that little diversionary project that I mentioned in my last post.  I'm not at all sure where I'm headed with this, but so far, it's been fun!

Regarding my painting on the panel, I went through the steps of the decision-making process I mentioned and in the end, decided that simple drafted lines were all that was needed for this graphic piece.  And as for the addition of the waterbased varnish??  It cut the waxy, reflective quality created by the Prismacolor pencils perfectly while leaving a soft look to the surface of the painting.   DONE!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Painting on Panels . . . In Progress

Untitled. . .In progress
10" x 10" on plywood

Well, I put that other, shall we say, diversionary project aside this week and got back to the business at hand, which was to accept the challenge of my sister and daughter to paint on wood panels. I'm at the point in this piece where I'm attempting to decide whether to leave the simple composition as is or to introduce one or two more shapes.  (Always so many decisions to make as you move a piece along!)  To help me in the decision process I'll probably print multiple wallet-size photos of this image and use Prismacolor pencils to try all sorts of possibilities, or maybe I'll quickly paint pieces of paper and cut out assorted shapes of the various shapes to temporarily affix to the painting.  Or, maybe I'll do both.  And then I'll move forward, finish the details, and wrap it up.

By the way, if you've been following, you'll recall that I put out a call to followers for tips for painting on panels and a wonderful illustrator, Grace of Silver Swan, who was previously unknown to me, stepped forward and suggested using Prismacolors.  Such a great suggestion because the grain of the wood allows you to lay down color on just the raised fibers.   Prismacolors, being very waxy, also add a film to the surface, which is soft and lovely, but I imagine I will add waterbased varnish layers to this and I'm not certain what effect that will have on the filmy surface. 

So this was a warm-up exercise.  I have two more small panels to paint on before graduating to my 24" x 24" panels. :)

It's gorgeous in Portland.  I swear trees sprouted 1/2" leaves in a matter of hours yesterday!  A couple of nights ago, the neighborhood coyotes serenaded us and everyone's dogs joined the chorus!!

Here's to a terrific weekend.  And thank you for your interest in what's happening here!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Along that Ol' Country Road



 Too bad I wasn't able to truly do justice to these pussy willows with my photography.  They were spectacular in the grey light against the alder trunks when I went for a walk.  But. . . story of my life. . . I did not have my camera.  I went back out later, but of course the light had changed.  I must say, the pussy willows were the main event along this road.  But the fern wreath was a lovely discovery, too, no doubt only in view during the winter months when the deciduous leaves are down. 

Still haven't started painting on that silly panel yet.  Instead, I spent a few hours this weekend cutting paper in preparation for a couple new pieces.  Hope to have something to show for my efforts soon.

And I'm still working on getting the hang of Facebook.  My initial attempts were thwarted by having gotten the cart before the horse:  I set up a "page" not realizing that I was supposed to set up a profile first!  I spent a couple of weeks backing myself back out of that one, but finally, Gloria Freshley Studio is up and running!  I'm not certain I'll ever establish a Twitter account, so theoretically, my professional studio page will be the place where I'll  post very short updates about what's going on in my art world.  Hope you'll stop by, when you get a moment. . .

And if the above photos leave you in want of color, check out the work of Becca Stadtlander and Martyna Zoltaszek.   Becca's mastery of pattern and detail is amazing, and Martyna's world of animals is dreamlike.