Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Small Paintings and an Altered Sketch

Acrylic on Paper 4"x6"

In lieu of new work, here is old.  A simple painting, above, in which acrylic was used like watercolor.

Colored pencil on paper 8" x 8 1/2"

And above, a doodle on copier paper, that became a bonafide sketch of an imaginary woman.  And yes, it has some issues, but still, I find it rather interesting.

And I like what the computer did to it, above.

Ink on paper 4" x 6"

And here, another small painting with a relief print added.  All done with inks on Italian paper.  (If you click on it, you might get a sense of the delicate, reflective gold lines and dots.)  And today, I went to see Elizabeth Bauman's show and she had done so many lovely paintings.  And I'm thinking ahead to the weekend and the prospect of creating new work.


Liv Sørvaag said...

Gloria !
Liked the sketch a lot !
and the graphics !
you are so good with colours !
Have a nice day...

B . Liv

Gloria said...

And you, Liv, are so generous with your compliments. My work is always so very simple....and yours is amazing!!

Printed Material said...

Liv is right about your skill with colours. I particularly like the colour combination of the ink and relief print and have had a look up close at the lovely gold marks. You are also so productive. I wish I was like you! Lesley

Michelle Brunner said...

Great sketches of the woman! I especially love that last painting..the colors and textures are amazing!

Gloria said...

Liv and Michelle,
Thank you, thank you for your kind comments!