Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hand-colored Mono-Prints

Hand-colored mono-print
7" x 9" "lace leaf" prints yet, although I did manage to get back to the Star Magnolia tree to collect some more of the semi-decomposed leaves for a future printing session.    Many hours of printing on Saturday produced plenty of frustration and many fragments of useable decorative papers.  Here are two prints that became more complete with the addition of Prismacolors.

7" x 9"
I've had several wonderful days with family -- time always passes much too quickly.  Now I'll turn my attention to getting caught up with what other artists have been creating -- another treat.  


holly aka golly said...

I have a fondness for yellow. These are beautiful!

Gloria said...

Thank you Holly! And your recent "Giants" and "Fanciful Creatures" are also VERY beautiful! I simply cannot understand how you can paint such delicate, steady, lines. I have a related link to share with you. I'll try to find it and make it available.

Momo Luna said...

I like them a lot!