Sunday, March 14, 2010

From the Textile Studio

Relief and screen prints

Well, the weekend's almost over and I have had a wonderful time in my studio "metamorphosizing" the last acrylic painting I posted (I'll show you the new version in a few days) and printing on fabric. Of course, I didn't do everything that's on view here this weekend, (far from it) but I'm starting to get enough of "this, that and the other thing" to group some of those "things" together. Hence, the photos. Actually, in thinking about it, the studio time was a bit frustrating in that I basically ruined a couple of previously printed pieces. However, in the process, I learned some new techniques that I can employ in the future so all was not lost.

The brown, "set" pattern, below, was made with a carved rubber block. I wanted the motif to be spread out and light in feel so I printed it on a hard surface without cushioning so that some of the recessed areas of the block would not make contact with the fabric. If you click on the image, you'll see the irregular lines of the block. The yellow/brown print is a screenprint and the last imprint on that fabric (on the lower right of the photo) also incorporates machine stitching.

The fabrics below represent a combination of handpainted, relief printed and screen printed techniques on cotton, linen and silk. (I thought it was about time to shift into a spring/summer palette!) You'll notice an orange print that features the same block that I used for the brown print, above, only this time I brought the motif in closer and printed it on a cushioned surface in order to pick up more of the line detail.

And on the subject of spring/summer.....tomomorrow, I'm going to post about an artist whose work will give you a major case of spring/summer fever so be sure to check back! Cheers!


holly aka golly said...

Gloria, I love your palette, patterns and fabric! You are an inspiration.

betsy best-spadaro said...

Gloria, your fabrics are quite lovely! what will you do with them now?

Gloria said...

Holly and Betsy -- Thanks for your kind comments! As for what I'll do with the fabrics -- that's always the question, because it appears I prefer to print than sew! Ha!