Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Spot of Sunshine for a Grey Day

Pattern from a screen print
There is a wondrous shrub in the neighborhood.
(Could someone please identify it?)

It's sporting these now. But for months, it has displayed only "pods" that from afar, appear to be hard... like a white Eucalyptus pod (if there were such a thing.)

Except that they're not pods. And up close...they are like silken fur... inviting your touch. And they are reflective... and lovely.
(Click on the pictures; then click your brower's back button to get back to here.)

And besides....they cascade from these beautiful red branches.

And they are like ballerinas' tutus.

Or bells...


betsy best-spadaro said...

gloria, when you find out the name of that plant, please share! they are equisite!

Gloria said...

Hi Betsy. I'll be sure to share the name of it!

Kristina said...

I've never seen anything like this.It's beautiful!

Gloria said...

Hi Kristina. This is the only plant like this I have ever seen. I suppose I could research it myself, but I'm waiting to see if anyone just happens to recognize it. (I'm also waiting for my neighbor to tell me the name of it. She's a bit of a plantswoman.) Thanks for taking a peek! I've been enjoying your blog very much. :)

Printed Material said...

Hi Gloria,
I live in the UK but know that similar shrubs grow on both sides of the Atlantic. When I first saw this photo I thought it looked a bit like a daphne (but know they are definitely not yellow!) Anyway, in a gardening magazine today there was a picture of a shrub called Edgeworthia chrysantha and it looke just like your photo. Apparently it is related to the daphne and has a clove like smell. Does this sound like a description for yours? Hope it helps. Lesley.

Gloria said...

Hi Lesley,

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Yes, that does sound like it. It has a delicious fragrance which I discovered after I did the post. I was waiting to find out the name to add that serendipitous information!
I spoke with my neighbor earlier this week and she said it was an “Edwarthia”. I googled it and found “Edwarsia”, but did not find the plant. (She was way off on the spelling -- and even the name, itself.) I'm so very happy to have discovered your blogs. I can't wait to spend more time perusing them. Wonderful images and wonderful work!

I will pass the information along in my next post since several people have asked on- and off-line.

Gloria said...
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molly said...

ohmygod, those are spectacular! great macro shots, too.

Gloria said...

Spectacular -- yes! Guess I should get back up the street to take more photos as the flowers are now totally different! It's the plant that "keeps on giving!"