Sunday, January 17, 2010

Contemplation and Exuberance

Acrylic on canvas
16" x 20"
by Catherine Freshley
I admire my daughter's gumption. While I fuss with false starts and numerous palette reversals within each of my very simplistic paintings, Catherine jumps right in and paints realistic works based on photographs. She recently completed the above painting for a friend of a friend, and the painting, below, also done recently, is a tribute to my mother, who was a very positive influence in Catherine's life. Catherine is working on some very small mixed media pieces now. Perhaps photos of them will find their way to my blog soon!

Acrylic on canvas
14" x 42"

By Catherine Freshley

So it's Sunday, and so far, I have done absolutely nothing artistic. I have, however, managed to do some significant reorganizing of my "studio space" which I believe will prove to be a very good thing. And, there's still tonight and tomorrow for some art.....


Laura said...

hi gloria- it must be so wonderful to have a daughter who makes art-and beautiful art at that! i do love the long weekends..sometimes it takes at least a day or so to just get relaxed enough to make something!

lotta said...

Reorganizing the studio is always a good thing... Thanks for sharing your daughter's beautiful art!

Gloria said...

Laura and Lotta, thanks for taking a peek and for your kind comments. And thank you both very much for introducing me to some very fine artists through the links on your blogs. By the way, have you discovered each other's work yet? :)

Michelle Brunner said...

Wow your daughter is talented! How much fun is it to have another person to be creative with!? Do you two ever paint together?

p.s. Thanks for checking out my flickr! It is such a work in progress right now and there is so much I want to add but don't have the time yet!

Gloria said...

Hi Michelle, I actually have two daughters, and we continue to make art together when we can, although those times are now relatively few and far between. It has been wonderful to have this common interest.