Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Botanicals, Bicycles and Charles Francis Saunders

Monoprint 4" x 4"
The above was a quick study of the foliage of a plant I found growing in a meadow by the bay. Perhaps sometime I will post about the technique I used to make the print. (It's very low cost and easy.) Below, is a botanical illustration from a wonderful field guide compiled by Charles Francis Saunders and published in 1929. I found it at a garage sale and couldn't resist it. It measures merely 3" x 5", has gold ink on the cover, and is filled with 250 botanical illustrations that were "prepared" by eight artists. According to Mr. Saunders, Nuttall's Dogwood (Cornus Nuttallii, And.), pictured below, was apparently named for the "famous naturalist who visited the Pacific Coast some 80 years ago and made important collections." (If you're doing the math, that would have been in 1849.)
Image 1" x 2"

I like the contemporary feel of the Mesquit plant, below.

And somehow, the radial "habit" of the Mesquit plant ties into the radial spokes of the bicyles in one of my favorite vintage ephemera finds, below.

4" x 4" label
(From the inside of a "Can't Be Beat" cigar box.)
Isn't it great?! It always makes me smile and motivates me.


Cathy Nichols Art said...

Your work is beautiful, Gloria! I'm so glad that I discovered your site through my blog. Please join us for a Found Art Friday one month. xox

betsy best-spadaro said...

the western flower guide...looks like a real treasure!

Gloria said...

Thanks for taking a peek Betsy! I'm glad you left a comment because now others will be able to discover your wonderful work!

Gloria said...

Hi Cathy. Thank you very much for your interest in my work and for your vote of confidence! I've actually been an admirer of YOUR work since I discovered your Etsy shop and blog several months ago. You are sooooo prolific!

Thanks also for the invite to "Found Art Friday".

Laura said...

lovely, gloria. i really love how you revealed this beautiful line of thought through your post. it is always so interesting and inspiring to see what provides the impetus for creating for artists. thank you for sharing.