Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indian Silks on Paper

Mixed media - Acrylic and gold guache on paper 18" x 24"
Relief printing and painting

Over the past couple of days, I've been transported to India via beautiful travelogues now in progress at maya*made and Lavender and Limes. Among photos of varied subject matter on both blogs, are gorgeous photos of Indian textiles, architecture, and crafts. A definite feast for the eyes! The decorative painting, above, was one of a several I did over a weekend -- all the while thinking of Indian silks. The cropped image below, is from a similarly painted and relief-printed decorative paper. (I posted a photo of an earlier state of this piece as well as a digitially altered scan of it a few months back.)

Mixed media - Acrylic and gold guache on paper
Relief printing and painting
Cropped from original 18" x 24"
The weekend is coming and I'm heading into it inspired to create. Also looking forward to seeing what others are creating. Please leave a comment so that I can discover the wonderful things you are making.


caramela said...

Hi and thank you for your sweet words-you have a lovely blog here-I wish you great creative fun for the weekend-
Annamaria :)

Gloria said...

And thank YOU for visiting MY blog! Love the palette of your acrylic painting "A Small Child Playing."

Liv Sørvaag said...

hi Gloria !
thanks alot for your message in my website ! Love your paintings , and colours .

hope for you that the new year is creative and peaceful !

Michelle Brunner said...

The colors are just beautiful! I love the pattern also!

Gloria said...

Thank you Michelle. I've done several of these. They're alot of fun -- not nearly as intimidating for me as a canvas.