Saturday, June 2, 2012

Well No Wonder . . . .

Acrylic on paper
5" x 7"
(In the shop.)

So today is the day.  Yes, I am committed to breaking out the paints and beginning a new large painting.  In fact, I was intent upon getting everything set up on Thursday evening so that I could jump right in and get started in advance of the weekend.  But it didn't happen.  Trouble is, I'm feeling a little skittish about the prospect.  Not quite sure which direction to jump.  Perhaps you know the feeling . . . when a big white canvas is staring right back at you.   I began to wonder if I was perhaps just a bit rusty.  So last night, I took a look back through this blog and found out that my last large painting was completed FOURTEEN months ago.  Seriously?!! Well no wonder. .   Guess it really must be time to simply close my eyes and jump!  I'll keep you posted.  (And I hope to have a couple new, small mixed-media pieces to show you tomorrow.)

Speaking of "small," have you had a chance to check out Patti Roberts-Pizzuto's daily drawings on tea bags?

Hope your weekend is progressing nicely.

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Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Gloria.....time for you to play!!! There is no pressure....just give yourself permission not to have to make "art"....and be delighted by what unfolds!!! Maybe you are not rusty at all, but this time will have been one of gathering. Think of yourself as spring fed and I bet those pieces will flow in lovely ways!! Thank you so much for your kind words here about my teabag drawings...what a sweet surprise! Enjoy!!

Carole said...

Fourteen months is a long time Gloria! No wonder you feel a little rusty! So my bit of wisdom to pass on to you is: grab a finger, dip it in paint (who cares what colour), and drag your finger across the canvas.'ve started!

Kristen Donegan said...

I like both responses here! and agree jump in knowing what was contained for the past fourteen months is ripe to come out :)