Saturday, June 30, 2012

Vibrancy and Quietude

Mixed media on paper
7" x 7"

This low-growing Oregon Grape is coming into its glory right now -- at least as far as I'm concerned. (I much prefer the red leaf / green berry stage to the intense yellow flowering stage.)  As summer progresses, the berries will turn deep blue-purple and develop their own sort of patina.   They were a mainstay of the indigenous tribes' diet but I have yet to try them.  They are said to be very sour but it's hard to imagine they could be any more sour than cranberries and they're no doubt equally nutritious.   Hmm, perhaps I should get with the program; our yard is full of this native plant!

It's a very quiet, soft, and misty grey day in Portlandia.  The kind that rather demands a slow start to the weekend.  Hope you are enjoying yours, whatever the weather might be.




Kristen Donegan said...

Love your pallet Gloria!

and I always enjoy a slow start to the weekend...slow finish too :)
If you do try those berries I would be very curious to hear how they fair

Michelle Brunner said...

Hi Gloria!

Gorgeous work of art, I also adore your pallet and the organic aspect of your artwork! Have a great weekend:)

annamaria said...

We are having some sunny days here- such a treat finally!!Enjoy your weekend Gloria:)