Monday, December 27, 2010

Purple Rings...

36" x 36"
acrylic on canvas


renilde said...

Hello Gloria, happy holidays and a warm, creative and wonderful 2011.
Always a joy to look at your beautiful photos and artwork, I find it very inspiring to see other artists work and to have a peek into their world. x renilde

Helmi said...

Beautiful, purple rings or purple rain!
grt, Helmi

gretchenmist said...

hope you are having happy holidays :)

Printed Material said...

Perfect colour choice and love the image. I have a 'thing' about circles and always look for artists who work with them.Hope you're not under all this snow in the US that we keep hearing about? Our few inches pale into insignificance when I hear what you've been hit with. Hope you're safe and warm and ready to welocme in 2011. Lesley