Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!!

We're scaling back and simplifying at our house this year... Smaller tree with fewer ornaments; fewer gingerbread houses; simpler Christmas Eve dinner for the small, extended family; fewer presents, but more handmade and upcycled presents; scaled back expectations all the way around.   All with an eye toward conserving resources and creating more time to enjoy each other.  

May you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday (whatever it might be)!



sophiemunns said...

wishing you delightful festivities Gloria and may 2011 bring much to warm your heart and fulfil your hopes!
Lovely connecting with you in 2010!

Leililaloo said...

Have a wonderful 2011 and a sweet and cozy christmas for what's left of it :))

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Sophie and Dana,

Thanks very much for your kind thoughts and warm wishes!!

em said...

happy holidays! we have stopped sending holiday cards; now i just email a holiday letter with family photos and such. i'm not sure people are happy with this, but it is a green alternative!