Sunday, December 19, 2010

Capturing the Glow of Winter

Acrylic on canvas
20" x 24"

Recently, I managed to catch the afternoon light streaming through the blinds onto "Calm".   It virtually bisected the painting, landing a couple of inches below an existing demarcation line of lighter paint above darker paint on the left portion of the painting.  I have experienced this "superimposed" light more than once on a couple of my paintings that are somewhat atmospheric.  The situation is both intriguing and mind baffling, because, of course, it leaves me wondering:  how could I ever replicate that with paint?

The winter sunrises have been magnificent here in Portland.  So often, I lament that I have neither my camera nor the time to capture them.  A couple of days ago, I had both -- sort of.  The rosy glow on entire fascades of structures was fading fast, and I found myself literally running up and down the hill to find openings between the houses through which I could get glimpses of the light and three of Portland's icons:

Mt. Hood

Mt. St. Helens sans its beautiful top that blew off in1980.
(Actually located in Washington, but visible from Portland)

"Big Pink" -- as it is affectionately called by the locals.
(The architectural glass on this building makes for very special effects.)

Similarly to the light on "Calm", the light on Big Pink intrigues me.   Of course I realize that I will never begin to know how to paint such atmospheric light unless I actively pursue the skill by painting from direct observation.  I wonder if I have the discipline to do that??

We got our Christmas tree from our favorite tree farm today.  Snow began to fall as we brought the tree inside-- the first time that has occurred in the twenty-three years we've been getting a tree. A batch of ginger cookies has just come from the oven, awaiting a slathering of real lemon icing (compliments of my youngest daughter and Cook's Illustrated magazine), and a mix of holiday favorite tunes is playing.   A warm, lovely fire is glowing in the fireplace.  These simple pleasures are what our family treasures.  This, is richness.

Have a wonderful day!


novembergrass said...

Such a wonderful holiday image you have painted with your words. Truly the tree and the cookies and, of course, the family are the magic of the holiday. And certainly a bit of snow can add a special touch. Happy holidays Gloria. - Sue

Mary Zeran said...

Happy Holiday's! Enjoy the view. Anyone that has ever lived in Portland knows that it isn't a daily or event weekly event.

Great post!

annamaria said...

Sounds delightful- really-
Happy Holidays dear Gloria!XX

betsy best-spadaro said...

lovely pictures gloria! your description of home sounds very 'calm' as well! happy holidays!

Liv Sørvaag said...

Beutiful !
Have a merry christmas 1