Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Discovering the Reverse Side of Printed Fabric

Screen print on organic cotton with water-based dyes 
(In suffused light.)

I know, I know....I promised I'd post some highlights of the marketing workshop referenced in Monday's post.  Well, not yet, but soon!  Meanwhile yesterday, while clearing off the table of "stuff", I discovered that the reverse side of fabric that I screenprinted months ago (above) is far more interesting than the front side!   Funny I hadn't noticed that before!

Monoprint on paper 7" x 9"

Front side of fabric (rotated).  Definitely more graphic.

Some interesting comments are coming in regarding the social networking topic of Monday's post.  Also, some amazing work is going on in sketch books....some of  it in response to the Sketchbook Project challenge.  Check out Pamela Patterson Reinhardt , Sophie Munns, and Betsy Best Spadaro's recent sketches. (Be sure to scroll down on their blogs because these three have been BUSY!!

Yay!  It's Wednesday already and the sun is scheduled to appear in Portlandia!  All is not lost -- the tomatoes WILL ripen!!

Have a marvelous day!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Gloria. The back side is MORE interesting. Good spot/ catch?

I am so psyched about the work that Sophie and Pam have been doing in their sketchbooks. I need to send them a request. I would love to see them "publish" their sketchbooks in a "coffee table book" format so I could own some of that good juice!

Enjoy the sun. You may not see it for a while!

Sophie Munns said...

You are a sweet-heart Gloria. I'm doing an intensive period in the studio at the moment... reading your post was a tonic and so generous of you. Mary did write me with that suggestion which was also delightful.
I looked at your 2 other artist friends 's blogs and really enjoyed seeing what they are doing...

so thank you!
Reverse side of printed fabric... fabric is great like that... anything is possible... it really lends itself to reinvention!