Saturday, September 18, 2010

Industrial Inspiration

Found myself drawn to industrial-like things last weekend.

(Well, the above relief print was actually done a few months ago but it seemed to relate well to the plastic pipes and chain-link in the first image.)

Took some steel wool (0000) and a little orange citrus stripper to this vintage wooden ball....

...and thought it "cleaned up" nicely and was rather handsome with the vintage number stamps I found while out and about. (Actually, I acquired my own little "factory" consisting of three sets of different-sized numbers and one set of letters; each set housed within double blocks as above; and all of them stored within a larger vintage box. SCORE!) (Notice the pen marks made by a former owner so he would know how the top and bottom blocks fit together best. Three of the four sets were marked in the same way.)

And here is a small monoprint --- maybe 4" x 4".

And by the way, if you want to see some exquisite attention to detail, reminiscent of the chain-link fence above, check out this page on Kaija's blog, Paperiaarre.  (Everything she makes is lovely!)



sophie munns said...

Love it Gloria...first that amazing photo of the fence and pipes.... the fascinating colours and compelling composition!
Then to the art work and to read it was done at another time...the link is strong...and so appealing!
loely to visit...thanks for ypur lovely visit earlier...nice break was had!
S x

novembergrass said...

I am loving the grids and circles, and the colors. And thanks for the link to Kaija's blog. Lovely work there too.

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi, thank you both for stopping by and for your comments.

Sophie, while visiting "Homage to the Seed," I spied seed pods on a low cupboard that appeared to be 24cm or longer?? Could that be? And if so, what are they? So amazing!!

And the photos and work at novembergrass have been so lovely!