Sunday, October 3, 2010

Now Appearing.......enhabiten

Look what arrived from the East coast in time for the weekend!! A package from Liane, of enhabiten. Wrapped so simply--with string, vintage button, and a hand-printed tag with deckle edges and a personal "thank you."  When I took the package out of the box, I said to myself, "Of course!!.... This is sooo enhabiten!" 

Inside, were four carved wooden printing blocks from India that will be nice additions to my small but growing collection of blocks and objects that I use for relief prints and mixed media pieces.  They came from Liane's wonderful Etsy shop, where she sells very cool vintage goods; beautiful, graphic handmade pillows, and assorted other items sewn of natural and vintage fabrics.


"forgiven" and "entwined," filled with fragrant balsam and buckwheat hulls, are available now in Liane's shop.


I visit Liane's blog often as she posts.  She has many interests, and she "sleuths out " fabulous visuals from the blogosphere to share with her readers.  And she's humorous and self-efacing.  And pretty doggone transparent.   And ever once in awhile, she'll write a post that is so heart-felt and so very poignant. get my drift....If you're not already following her really should head over to enhabiten.

Early morning fog at the bay. (West coast)

Detail of small handwoven sampler: linen warp and hem tape weft.
(From many, many moons ago -- when I first thought about making a living from handmade items.)

Well, those printing blocks are calling to me!!  I'll give you a peek after I do something with them.



annamaria said...

Absolutely love enhabiten, you are so lucky to have received something from Liane. I love her blog too, she is so very funny and writes beautifully. Enjoy your goodies then!XXX

Susan said...

I'm an enhabiten fan. That little piece of handweaving sort of breaks my heart. If there is a weaver in you, I hope you don't leave her behind