Sunday, August 18, 2013

Black and Citron / Prints and Marks


 Versatex fabric dyes on recycled cotton .

Well yes, I said I would be picking up the paint brushes this week.  And actually, I was referring to painting on a canvas; but so far, all I've done is experiment with mark making on fabric in combination with relief printing. 
Tonight's the night:  I WILL put away the printing tools and inks, and bring out the acrylics.

Wishing you a creative, productive week -- whatever your work and/or activities may be!


Kristen Donegan said...

these are lovely Gloria and I can see why it would be had to stop playing with the relief printing!

But having said that I'll be curious to see your acrylics too :)

barbarabeesblog said...

Oh wow, that looks amazing - I love the color combination!
Thank your for visiting my blog and for your nice comment!
xo BarbaraBee
P.S. You might also like my 2nd blog with daily collages;

Carole Reid said...

Hello again, Gloria. It's been lovely to see what you're up to. These past few weeks I haven't even made it into my studio once. Sigh. Happy painting to you!

Printed Material said...

Gloria, why put them away when you're obviously having so much fun! What you call citron, I would call chartreuse, but who cares what it's called because it is perfect when put with black or a soft charcoal grey. Now I'm interested to know what you'll do with these pieces? They'd look great made into something.