Sunday, November 20, 2011

Piecing It Together. . .New Mixed-Media Collages

Last weekend, I laid out twenty or so potential collages to be made from assorted prints, remnants of prints, embellished papers and ephemera.  This weekend, I've managed to finalize these three and a couple more.  (These are spare, on creamy art paper -- not greyish at all -- and some of the fine graphite and ink has not been fully captured in the scans.)

Yesterday, I gave up a potential afternoon in the studio to go watch our neighbor's son play his final game as the hometown quarterback at Portland State University.  There was a chill in the air, and my husband and I were "on the fence" as to whether to go or not....all things considered  (which translates into "Gee, it would be great to go and support him, but there are just too many things to do in too little time.")   We were glad we chose to go.  It was great to drop down into the city, just ten minutes away, and take the brisk walk to the outdoor stadium.  Before the game, the seniors and their families were honored on the center of the field; a bittersweet moment, to be sure.  We've watched this young man and his equally talented older brother practice ball in their backyard and play assorted sports since they were in middle school.

It is gorgeous today.  Time to stop and head out to assist my husband with a major leaf clean-up.  (Just in time for the next couple of storms that are scheduled to blow in at the beginning of the week.)

Hope you've had an enjoyable weekend with a little time for creativity!

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Carole said...

Gloria, these blow me away! Love them. Minimal and bold. Lovely.
When we were in McMinnville (I attended a workshop at Katherine Dunn's farm in Yamhill) we watched a high school football game and had a great time. Today we watched my BC Lions win......they are headed to the GREY CUP next weekend!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hi Carole, Thank you! It takes a little courage, sometimes, to use a minimalist approach. One can't help but wonder, "Will anyone want to bother to take a closer look?" I'm envious of your time at Katherine Dunn's farm. I like her work very much and I'm curious to see if and how the time you spent with her influences your work, or perhaps, your approach, or techniques.

Printed Material said...

As someone with a pile of prints and things on the office floor I am thinking how good these look Gloria and maybe I should follow your lead and use them up. I am a push over for that duck egg blue colour and anything where stamps are employed. Looking good. Hope we shall see some more?

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hi Lesley, So nice to see you here! Thank you for your comments, and yes, I will be posting more as they are completed. I'm sure the purist would not cut up prints, but I say, why not? I'm all about process anyway, and I love seeing one print, or embellished paper next to another, and then another, and so on. :)

Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

I like the clarity in these designs. I'd like to look closer. I did. So there.