Friday, July 8, 2011

Painting In Progress.......Suspended Ovoids

In progress - "Suspended Ovoids"
Acrylic on canvas - 30" x 40"

So I stared at my blank canvas for a good part of the day and evening last Saturday, and finally took the plunge on Sunday-- beginning still another painting in my "Ovoid" series.  By mid-morning on Monday,  the painting was at a good point:  suffused, somewhat evocative, a bit brooding, and in a simple palette akin to  the bark, leaves, and lichen of our blueberry bushes in early summer.  Two simple, warm-white ovoids commanded the center of attention.  By Monday afternoon, I had managed to lose the suffused feel and my background palette had shifted.  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings were spent studying the painting; comparing and contrasting it with others in my midst and deliberating about whether to try to recapture the early essence of the painting, or to pursue an alternative, more graphic approach.   Last night, as the light faded to darkness, I literally sat staring at the painting.  Finally, I made several decisions:  "Yes" to using bright orange.  "Yes" to stripes.  "No" to the dark, dark background.  "Yes" to the larger end of the ovoids on the bottom of the painting. "Yes" to "suspending" the ovoids.  And within a matter of an hour, I was well on my way!  Now, it's a matter of adding more color interest to the orange stripes (ala the citrus oranges); adding refinements here and there, and perhaps adding some graphite.   Cannot wait to get back to this painting in the morning light!

And then, I think I'll try to recapture the early essence of the earlier "lost" painting in a smaller version.  :)

Art = Happiness



Penny Berens said...

Love your sense of colour not to mention design. As a stitcher I find it hard to maintain that minimalist style.

Michelle Brunner said...

Love this painting! Great color scheme! Your work is lovely:)

Catherine said...

I think this is fantastic! Plus, you take excellent photos.

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Thank you all! Penny, I've been thinking about your comment. Your work is so rich...your stitches and use of color are so often like an impressionist painter's -- always with beautiful results!

annamaria said...

Love the painting, the formal simplicity, the restrained palette.
Thank you for sharing all the thought process that goes with it all. And especially thank you for that last line about art equalling happiiness! So true my frined!!XX

Victoria said...

Wonderful.. the work, the oranges, the branches, the table... love!

Lari Washburn said...

Beautiful work Gloria! Thanks so much for your visits to my blog and Flickr sets. I am looking forward to really studying your work.

coco said...

oh, beuatiful

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Annamaria, thank you! Not sure what will happen next with my painting. I might not be nearly finished after all. (??) LOVE all the work you have been producing. So prolific!

Hi Victoria, thank you for stopping by. Love your work!

Lari, thanks so much for visiting and for your interest! I am always inspired by your work.

Coco - Hello and welcome! Thank you for your visit and for commenting.

Much appreciated, all! :)

coco said...

hello gloria,
this is such a beautiful display! love it