Saturday, July 30, 2011

Holding Hands in the Moonlight

Looking out (and in) through my window....

These two caught my eye as I was turning out the lights the other night.  One might suppose it's just a fluke that their "hands" are touching.  But whether from true love, or intense fright, they managed to remain motionless and "hang on" while I moved around in front of them -- just inches away -- taking a series of five photos with intense flashes.   And yes, I felt terrible invading their reverie.  But it was such an unusual, lovely sight, and quite thought provoking, so I felt compelled to capture it. 

I thought about the image off and on during the work week; mentally going through my "archives" of art images, thinking about which of them I might include with it in a post.  But in the end,  I decided it should just stand on it's own.    As I sat down to post it this morning, I took a moment to scroll through the recent posts in my blogger feed and came across the newest image in Golly Bard's Drawing Room.  Holly's photographs are always stunning; the result of an amazing eye and an excellent camera.  An avowed naturalist, she captures both flora and fauna in their height of glory, and long after that glory has faded.  But frequently, in that faded glory, there is amazing beauty, and her most recent photos illustrate this in stark, but soft detail.  Truly, I could spend hours studying the last image on her post today.  It is incredibly evocative. For those of you who follow Holly's blog, you'll be delighted to find her link to a new interview where she talks about what inspires her, and the romance of summertime.  

Which reminds me.......summer appears to have finally arrived in Portlandia.  It's time for me to move away from the computer and head outside for a breath of the rose-scented air.

                                                           Have a wonderful weekend!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I'm pretty sure its a male and female. Male moths have larger antena, and there is a sort of feather effect on them. Its a very lovely photo!

molly said...

oh, wow.
as well as dreamy words...

betsy best-spadaro said...

The perfect image for a wedding or anniversary card. :-)
It was summer in seattle yesterday, but today we it's back to spring time. such strange weather this year.

em said...

fluffy and cute! great image!