Thursday, March 31, 2011

And MORE Monoprints

 Monoprint 7 "x 9"

These three, most recent posts have included about half of the monoprints that I did last weekend. The process included both additive and reductive methods involving hand cut stamps, textile blocks from India, found objects, masking, and drawing and painting directly onto the plate. Only one plate was used for each print, although I had planned to use two plates of different sizes.

Monoprint 7" x 9"

And to think, tomorrow is already Thursday!!

Oh,  if you haven't visited Golly Bard's Drawing Room this week,
 go take a peek at what Holly's been up to! You'll be glad you did.  :)



lotta said...

I love this latest series of monoprints. the colors are lovely, and the circle and oval shapes that reappear are intriguing. wonderful!

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

These are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Mary Zeran said...

Gloria, I love what you do with monoprints. Of course, I love anything that references surface design. Holly's designs and blog are fantastic. Good find lady!!!! You inspire me as always.