Sunday, July 18, 2010

More "Homage to the Seed"

So it's already July 19 in Australia, and Sophie Munns' "Homage to the Seed" activities drew to a close yesterday.  But since it's still July 18 in Portlandia and since these wonders of nature are, really, so very wonderous, I thought I'd share them as a parting gesture.  Above, a glorious cluster of onion flower buds that will eventually become seeds.  And below, gorgeous, edible (but purportedly VERY tart) Oregon Grape berries, just beginning to turn luscious deep blue and each holding two small seeds within.

For more of this beautiful palette, you owe it to yourself to check out Garden Fool's STUNNING photos of a Tiger Swallowtail in her garden.  Kudos to Sophie and kudos to Em!!! 


em said...

hi gloria, thanks for the link! i love that onion, what kind is it? i only have grown ornamental alliums, but maybe i should reconsider?

i was awed by some of the submissions to sophie. maybe she could have a charity bidding to sell the work? hm. so many beautiful pieces, some of them would be nice framed together, do you think? like yours, for example.

i hope someone does another show like this.

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Em,

The onion is a Walla Walla Sweet. (Walla Walla is in Eastern Oregon but we've had success growing these here in the Willamette Valley and also at the coast.) They typically grow to 3"-4" in diameter and we suspect that the two that are flowering somehow wintered over. (They can last a long time in the ground during the fall before they get mushy.) Yes, it felt good to participate in Sophie's invitation and to be putting the energy toward a very positive effort.) Maybe Sohpie does have something in mind for all the submissions??? Best...

Sophie Munns said...

Hi There...
Gloria... your cards were so gorgeous and arrived in time for a decent showing and to be most admired!

I am still receiving the odd card and as the residency goes all year I am going to have another show of these cards and then hoping maybe a catalogue on each one... want to have them archived together... not separately.

Dont worry they are not going to be hidden ... plans are afoot!
Thank you for a wonderful mail-art contribution Gloria!

lotta said...

Seeds are truly the beginning to everything. These photos are lovely. Thank you for the links to Sophie and Em's blogs. Both are now book marked.