Sunday, July 11, 2010

Circus Elephants and Bastille Day

"Alice" by Jill Mayberg

Above, my new teeny print from Jill Mayberg.  I loved catching up with her yesterday at Bastille Day in Portland's Pearl District. And though I'm guessing she'd probably prefer to see elephants in their native habitat rather than under the Big Top, who could resist this cheerful image?   In fact, Jill's images are generally irresistable and it was pretty difficult to carry on a conversation given the steady stream of customers to her booth. Unfortunately, my camera had no batteries, so I was unable to capture the essence of the event, but trust me it was wonderful and the weather was glorious.

Lavender in our garden (in lieu of a photo of the vendors' lavender at Bastille Day)
Could someone please tell me what intelligence allows the bean plant to climb the support?


And how about the swirling pattern of these Phlox petals preparing to unfurl? Very yummy -- like miniature ice cream sherbets.

And isn't this St. John's Wort just a little bit circus-like?

Blueberries, ripe for the picking.  Ah, the bounty of a backyard garden in the Pacific Northwest....

(And by the way, Julie Whitmore has also recently produced a charming porcelain circus elephant.  If you take a peek, be sure to look for the little dog in the vignette!)

Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful week!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

That is a wonderful print from Jill, her work draws you in like a candy it.
gee your garden is great. about the peas; working their way towards the sun?

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Julie,

Yes, her work elicits the same emotion that yours does...happiness! I suppose you're right about the beans (or peas. But still, vines are amazing--the way they curl around and grasp onto things. Nice to hear from you. cheers!

Michelle Brunner said...

I love that elephant! He is so charming! Love the lavender as well..I have some growing in my garden and it smells divine!

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your comments. And thanks for the great tutorial you did on collage/paintings. I'm very envious of your summer of painting in your studio!