Monday, May 31, 2010

"Remnants" and "Painted Drawings"

So we did it!  Joan McGuire and I hung our respective shows at Gallery 114  -- mine, six small and restrained works on paper, and hers, a large body of wonderfully loose and colorful abstract paintings.  Then we smiled and gave each other a "high five."  And now, we're looking forward to the First Thursday opening.   If you're in the Portland area, stop by the gallery.  We'd love to see you!


betsy best-spadaro said...

Congratulations Gloria!

sophie munns said...

Hello Gloria,
so much happening at your blog...abundance...the exhibition, the garden, the beautiful art works ) love that soft one with the egg like shape...
and i really enjoyed reading what you wrote about pondering on art.. .would like to spend time discussing to go now...sadly...

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Sophie,

Speaking of abundance on a blog...I just took a quick peek at yours and as always, it's overflowing with wonderful things! Thanks for your post about Robyn Gordon's blog, "Art Propelled". I had missed her post of the image of the Swan's Nest Maze. Very wonderful! I think of you.....days filled to the max with all your activities....and you flitting in for a visit at the blogs of so many others'. Don't know how you do it! Best...

Liv Sørvaag said...

Hello Gloria !
I wish you good luck with the exhibition,
and wish I could be there !

You are doing beutiful artworks !!!
:-) best Liv

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Liv,

Thanks very much for your kind thoughts! I value and appreciate your input very much. Gloria

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Betsy,

Thank you! And congratulations to you, for your recent shows!! Haven't forgotten about our earlier plan....

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

Gloria- Have a great time at the opening, and I hope the show goes really well...I really wish I could see your work in person. DO you have a shop? -Megan

Gloria Freshley said...


Thanks for your good wishes! (I did receive them prior to going to the show, but didn't have time to respond.) Likewise, I would love to see your work in a show! Regarding my etsy shop, I'm going to focus on getting some things in there during the next several weeks. Thanks very much for your interest.

Sophie Munns said...

How sweet of you Gloria.... kind words... and a little "shout-out" on your next post!
We dont have that saying here but I see it going round the blogosphere.
Your exhibition seems to have been going very well.
I was going to tell my secret.
I moved north 2 years ago and live at my mothers house and (very established) garden. She loves to run everything... soon will be 80....but insists I go do my art and concentrate. So with my little cottage being sold up 2 years ago...that was goodbye to my garden and having everything running and managing it all.
Illness disrupted things for a time...prompting the move... but I celebrated the way the illness brought many, many exceptionally positive changes and I left secondary school teaching which was driving me around the twist... and here I am with all my time dedicated this year at least to the art-residency at the Botanic Gardens.
And In a way the blogosphere is the garden I tend.
Gratitude at my vastly improved life, desire to encourage others and participate in that brilliant aspect of blogging - bring attention to the issue of biodiversity, seeds and the future and also a healthy sense of cultural and individual diversity.

The culture of support,mutual engagement and encouragement and shared enthusiasms has to be good for one's soul and ones sense of possibility for moving forward.

And the way people keep sending out that energy... it brings in an antidote to some key stresses of this age. And i think we bloggers many of us who value this gift of deeper exchange...we create the possibility for each other to shine a little more and feel stronger in what we do.

Things I used to feel a bit battered around by in everyday life... less than wonderful exchanges are now not something I focus on very much at all. Through the blog I have discovered people of strong desire to share and to give.

So when meeting some who dont do that in everyday life i keep moving and dont get caught up.
I will try for a time to share and imput... but i wont linger where it is not dynamic.

That is something I never expected and shy the blogosphere feels like such an wonderful gardens to have planted seeds in, visit and nourish, water and see growing all the time.... go..its very late...and i chanced a pop in visit...and here I am writing a whole chapter!
best to you Gloria,