Saturday, May 22, 2010

After the Rain...


This afternoon we had two terrific downpours that played havoc with the flowers.  Of course, I was supposed to be putting the finishing touches on the last collages for my upcoming show, but I knew the light was right for some nice photographs.  And besides, I've been running up a big deficit in outdoor time lately, and an even greater deficit where gardening is concerned.  Recently, all the credit in the gardening department truly belongs to my husband and it seems the only thing I'm really committed to is turning the compost--an activity that, for some reason, gives me great satisfaction!


Garlic (One can never have enough.)

Blueberries coming on.

Nine Bark

This weekend, I've been inspired by the textiles on the novembergrass blog and also on Avalanche Looms' blog and website. Both of these artists are currently featuring works with soft, loose flower petals and they are truly lovely. And in addition to her textile art pieces, Susan Johnson weaves gorgeous linen/cotton scarves.  I hope you'll have a moment to follow each of the links, and when you get to Avalanche Looms' website, make sure you "tour" Susan's Wisconsin store and workshop (she also has an etsy shop). Sure wish they were just down the street from me. They are incredibly appealing spaces!

Spanish Lavender

Horse tail.
The lovely Sangu Kaku Maple, with its red bark and stems.


Rose petals intermingled with Carex grass.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!  And thanks for visiting :)


betsy best-spadaro said...

wow! gloria, your garden is so very beautiful! you would cringe if you saw my yard. green thumb, i have not!

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Betsy. No, I wouldn't cringe. You are concentrating on other things. Afterall, there's only so much time in a day, a week, etc. (which explains why I have done so little in the yard for quite some time now). Making art takes time and no one else can produce your wonderfully original images.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

What a glorious garden you have,
it's an inspiration, truly.

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Julie. Thank you! I must say, in general, it's a glorious time of year in the western regions of the Pacific Northwest. Ah, but I miss the Oleanders, Eucalyptus, Monterey Cypress, etc., of California. Looking forward to seeing what's been coming out of your kiln! Gloria

Gloria Freshley said...

Oh, and Betsy -- to clarify -- I was referring specifically to YOUR wonderfully original images, although the comment applies to artists in general :) And, thanks for your nice comment, by the way!

lotta said...

Gloria, I am so glad I got a glimpse of your garden. Truly beautiful! Now I want to take a field trip. Good luck with the show.

Liv Sørvaag said...

So wonderful garden , Gloria !
I have a big garden her ,I do have some herbs and , many rododendron . <but we are waiting for warm weather . There is 10 degrees outside now, and my flowers is waiting for warmer weather !
I want to plant garlic too , I get inspiration !
I have many plants on my veranda , and the rest of the garden is just nature !
Have nice days !

Best from Liv

Anonymous said...

Hello Gloria! Your blog is gorgeous! The garden images make me sad I am not still living in the Pacific NW, in a zone 4, shade garden leaves more time for art making!

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind comments. Yes, the gardens are very lush right now and it all happens so quickly. It's all very amazing. I look forward to following your blog. The work you are doing is very interesting and your sense of design permeates your home! Cheers

Gloria Freshley said...

Hello Liv,

So nice to hear about your garden. I would love to see photos of it! I'm sure you are looking forward to longer, warmer days, but in the meantime, I know you are making beautiful art!! I love, LOVE the last piece you posted! Thanks for visiting!

em said...

ah, what a refreshing post! i am so envious of the rainfall!

Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Em, And we are SO ready for sun here. It's been a very wet May! Thanks for your visit...

Gloria Freshley said...
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