Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Sentimental Journey

Vintage creamer(?) with "Japan" mark on bottom 

Last Saturday, I journeyed to a couple of antique stores in the little town of Sherwood, south of Portland,  and then stopped at a flea market on the way back.  I found a few "smalls" --as antique dealers call them--that brought a flood of sentimental associations and childhood memories to me.  I simply had to have the creamer (or syrup pitcher?) above, because it reminded me so much of Gene, who has been in our lives for thirty years.  He's 92, and "Grandpa" as far as we're concerned, since my father died before our daughters were born.  And although Gene's not a true cowboy, we've always considered him as such because of his zest for life.  And besides, he did spend most of his life in southern California in what could be considered "cowboy country," and he has read virtually every Louis Lamour western that was ever published at least once if not several times.  He still golfs, goes to the YMCA to workout three times a week, and gardens.  And ...he decided to take up drawing recently.  You can find his drawing of cowboy boots and hat, here.  I'm so very happy to have found the creamer as it will always, always remind me of Gene.

Humming bird's nest on Belleek

Well, no, this lovely, teeny-tiny hummingbird's nest was not found on my journey; it was given to my daughters years ago by a gardener-friend of ours who, I'm sure (I hope), found it on the ground.

Vintage Cribbage boards and pegs

But I found these Cribbage boards at the flea market and scooped them up since they brought back vivid childhood memories of "playing to win" against my father and grandfather. Each of the boards is uniquely relevant: the one on the left, because it was presumably made in the 1950s, in Hollywood, California, not far from where my father and I were born; and the one on the right--much older and handmade with lovely patina, original cork plug and hand-chisled pegs--because it has an inlaid Freemason's symbol -- a compass and a square (tools of the stonemasons from which the fraternal organization traces its origins).  As far as I know, my grandfather was a Mason, although I have no recollection of him being actively involved in the organization.

Vintage shell buttons and cufflink

And these buttons from the flea market.....well, I confess to being a bit of a collector.  Vintage buttons are so lovely and it's so easy to purchase a few from here and there.  And they're the perfect thing to acquire when traveling since they take up virtually no room in a purse or suitcase.  

 And speaking of buttons...please check back soon for a button-related post.   Oh --- and if you happen to know the name of the pattern and/or manufacturer of the creamer/syrup pitcher, I'd love to know it.  I've done some searching on the internet but have been unsuccessful.

Happy weekend everyone!!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Neat finds. And Gene, that is a charming/whimsical rendering of things you like. I hope you are doing more drawings. Wonderful work.

Gloria said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your very nice comments! I will definetly share them with Gene, who, incidentally came into our lives after my father died (way too young)over thirty years ago. Gene has been as devoted a "grandpa" as anyone could ever hope to have for their children. (I left this bit of info out of my post originally, but have since added it.) Your ceramic pears are wonderful and so is your studio! (And folks are still finding their way to your blog via mine.:) )

holly aka golly said...

Such great finds! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Gloria said...

Thanks for stopping by, Holly! And thanks for the beautiful new photos on your blog.

Printed Material said...

What a lovely post Gloria. Gene sounds like a very special type of man. 92 and still going strong - I'll take heart in that! Great finds too especially those buttons. I have a real thing for buttons but can't bear to use them once I've got them. I shall await your button post with huge interest! Lesley

Laura said...

gene sounds so enchanting and wonderful-thanks for sharing:)

Gloria said...

Hi Laura and Lesley, Thank you! And Lesley, I'm also reluctant to use my buttons..... Also, I'm postponing my follow-up post about them because the seamstress/proprietress is not available right now.