Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chaos, Order and Seeds

I'm starting to zero in on my June show at Gallery 114 in Portland.  I say "my" but really it's Joan McGuire's solo show.  She's a painter/illustrator/graphic artist and has kindly invited me to participate.  My small, mixed-media works on paper will be shown in a pop-up room within the larger gallery room where her large, graphic paintings will be exhibited.  (I'll post more on Joan's new work in late May or early June.)

So... my "in-progress" pieces are now scattered about my studio (read "house"), creating much visual chaos in three rooms (really!).  An antedote, below -- gifts from the sea, gleaned from the beach following a storm, and now in their own, orderly "exhibit".

1908 leather/wood printing stamp (on box)

And no, I don't know what kind of seeds/nuts they are but they're not walnuts because they're virtually round.  

Which brings me to Sophie Munns, who is an artist-in-residence at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and whose show, "Homage to the Seed", has just opened.  If you haven't yet discovered Sophie's work you must hurry over to her blogs (yes, two of them-- here and here).  She's a terrific writer and a prolific artist, and she's extremely generous with information about her work and process.  (Plus, her comment sections always have lively conversations going on.)  All and all, her blogs make for very good reads.

It was a lovely weekend in Portlandia.  So nice to be outside without a jacket!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.  Oh -- and check back soon as I'll be posting about a wonderful Portland artist whose work has brought me much happiness.     Cheers!


Printed Material said...

This post has certainly led me up some exciting alleys! I love all the things I've seen about Sophie Munns and will have to come back later to read more. What fabulous art and I love the seed theme so much. Can't help you identify your seeds I'm afraid - they are far too exotic to be found on the beaches of Wales. I am intrigued to see what pieces you will be putting in to the exhibition. Your work is so graphic and I would love to see these pieces when they are finished. Thanks for an inspiring post. Lesley

sophie munns said...

Hello Gloria,

I am so delighted I happened on you tonight and found not only a lovely image of work in progress but half way down a little story about someone familiar.
What a dear person you are -those warm words of appreciation! Blogging is actually not terribly common where I am from, nor people quite so easily forthcoming with warmth and praise. Methinks I overcompensate for this cultural tendency perhaps a tad too much but I do find a great deal more relaxed communication going on in the northern hemisphere.

best wishes,

Gloria said...

Hi Lesley, Yes, my work is typically quite graphic and I am very intrigued with pattern right now, so Sophie's works appeal to me greatly!! Thanks for your interest in the pieces I'm working on. I'll post some images later in the game. :) Best...

Gloria said...

Hi Sophie! Thanks for stopping by! I had actually intended to email you about my post but literally began to doze at the computer late last night, and so, gave up, only to find your comment this morning! Hope the post results in new visitors to your blog. Gloria

red-handed said...

More chaos! Good luck with the show.

lauren carney said...

i love that your blog oozes crafty goodness!
you clever thing gloria! x

caramela said...

Thank you for the great links and good luck with the show!
Annamaria :)