Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hand painted
Acrylic on cotton
6" x 8"
(older piece)

All in all, it's been a great weekend.  Spent some time becoming familiar with textile guru India Flint's book, Eco ColourSpent some time yesterday with artist friends, LeBrie Rich and Joan McGuire, testing fabric swatches in conventional dye baths. Back at the house, I rolled up some eco leaf bundles per the instructions in India's book and steam-tested them for dye effectiveness. Today, I over-dyed some of Saturday's test swatches in mashed blueberries, and also took the paintbrush to the pulp (some of which is still adhered to the linen in the first photo). To top the weekend off, I went to see an awesome retrospective exhibit of Portlander Stephen Hayes' prints and paintings and was truly inspired. Indeed, it was a great weekend!

The rains have arrived and the wild(?) bunny continues to visit.

Have a wonderful week!


Kristen Donegan said...

beautiful colors Gloria! There is something so precious about such a small fruit that can pack a big puch :)

Carole Reid said...

Mmmmm blueberries not only good tasting but amazing colour! Your weekend sounds wonderful to me. I hope this week continues to lift your creativity to places beyond your dreams. Enjoy.