Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Painting and Last Garden Holdout

 "Hovering Ovoid"
12 x 24


My most recent painting started off with a very different palette before finding its way to what you see above. In fact, it took almost an entire weekend to get out of the starting blocks on this one. Palette and composition were both giving me fits.  During that same weekend, I snapped the above photo when I came upon the winter squash that someone had perched on top of our outdoor fireplace.  Who's to say?  Perhaps it influenced my painting in the end.  Now that this painting is done, I'm off in a direction other than ovoids. :)

I'm enjoying reading other artists and makers' philosophies and approaches to goal setting (or not) for the new year.  As for me, I'm working on "facilitating art-making".  By that, I mean I'm reassessing (yes, again!) the physical layout of my "studio" work areas and my art storage areas, which are spread out through most of the rooms of our small home. I'm  moving some furniture, shifting the contents of cabinets, bookshelves, etc., and cleaning out as I go.  My goal is to make it easy to "jump" into painting, or printmaking, or sewing, or gluing, etc., whenever I have a small block of time.  And, to make it feel as though it's not a big deal to get out the necessary supplies and equipment and then put them back again at a moment's notice. And what's more, we're accepting (embracing?) the idea that we live in an art studio. Sound familiar? :) I'm optimistic!

Hope your year is off to a great start!

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Carole said...

Your colour palette reminds me of a summer sunset which is much appreciated on this winter day on the coast. Happy New Year to you, Gloria. May your dreams and visions come true.