Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Prints in the Works

 Monoprint in process

 Monoprint in process
 Monoprint in process

Portland is abuzz with holiday pop-up stores and annual craft fairs this weekend, but as much as I'd like to go out and about, I've decided my time is best spent in my studio, working on my own endeavors. Oh, I guess at some point, I might take a break to get desperately needed food, or to move forward with decorating the house for the holidays. . . . but really, I'd so much rather DO ART!   Nevertheless, I've been sticking to my "paint a little/clean a little/blog a little" mantra and it's been most helpful.  Each night, this past week, I gently prodded myself to "Spend a few minutes working on something. Just get started,"  and perhaps not so surprisingly, the above materialized. :)  And speaking of materializing, take a peek at one of my favorite images created by Portland artist, Lisa Kaser; and when you do, promise me that you will read her delightful prose that accompanies the image, and then commend yourself for the work you bring forth.  (If you missed my earlier post about Lisa, you can find it here.)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Thanks very much for your continued interest in my work.  I really do appreciate it!


Printed Material said...

That's not a bad mantra to follow Gloria... except the 'clean a little' bit. Do I have to? I'd much rather do the bits you've illustrated here and get the inks out to monoprint. Anything with numbers/letters seems to fascinate me and I love the colour palette you're working with here.You're on a roll.Forget everything except that essential shopping and keep going!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Your art is so light and airy...I am happy to have found you. Greetings from Wichita, KS!

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Ha, Lesley! I always enjoy your humor: "Do I have to?" Exactly!! Thanks for visiting and for the encouragement. Best.. .

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hi Lisa,

And I'm happy that you found me! I just took a peek at your "Art for Sale" blog. You are so prolific!! I love "Mrs. Kitchen's Dance Class." I danced when I was young. I told a story about one of my dance experiences here:

I look forward to exploring your blogs more. Have a wonderful day and thanks very much for commenting!

Carole said...

Such beautiful colours you're working with Gloria. Lately I feel as though I've been painting a lot and blogging to little. I like your motto.

annamaria said...

All my wishes for a Merry Christmas and Fabulous and Happy 2013 for you and your family my dear friend!XXOO