Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Veiled Ovoid" in situ

"Veiled Ovoid"
30" x 40"

"Veiled Ovoid" is almost finished and I couldn't resist capturing it with these fabulous onion orbs from our garden.  We've never used them in a bouquet before, and although a mild onion fragrance permeated the air when my husband first brought them in several days ago, it has since dissipated and surprisingly, not a single floret (no doubt the wrong term) has fallen.

A lovely soft rain has brought relief from the heat to the west side of the Cascades this morning.  I am reluctant to look at the news to see how many wildfires were started by the lightning storms predicted in the central and eastern regions of the state last night.  Currently, the largest wildfire in nearly 150 years is burning very close to a tiny, favorite "hamlet" that is near the southern border.  

I've just spent twenty minutes getting caught up on these wonderful blogs:  Paper Ponderings, Printed Material; and Non-indigenous Woman.   Time to move away from the computer and get into action.



annamaria said...

Your work looks stunning 'in situ'!
I hope the rain helps with the wildfires. Have a great week:)

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Thank you Annamaria! And good luck with your move!

Printed Material said...

I agree with Annamaria, this does indeed look so 'right' on that wall Gloria. It is a fabulous piece of art. Sorry to read about your extreme weather. The UK is experiencing something similar but ours in continuous rain! Thank you for the mention. Glad I helped while away some time enjoyably!