Sunday, February 12, 2012

Limping Along in Bloggerland


Hi there.  Is anyone else limping around in Bloggerland due to the gwt.xmlmodule snafu? (Whatever in the world that is. . .)  More importantly, does anyone know how to fix it?  So far, I'm striking out. . . . My entire dashboard is invisible to me and I consider myself quite lucky to have figured out how to do this minimalistic post. [Update:  I think I fixed it!  When I use Firefox for my brouser, I can see everything!]

Right now, I have fabric scraps on my work table.  Lots of them.  But last night I perused several old sketchbooks and I believe I've settled on a couple of ideas for paintings.  I look forward to beginning.  But first, I have to get my ideas for these fabric scraps out of my system. . . .

I've been hearing birdsong in the early morning hours.  Nothing like what I remember hearing while I was growing up here.  Only a few birds singing.  Still, it is beautiful . . . a lovely harbinger of spring.

Have a wonderful week!



Anonymous said...

Hello Gloria, I was just realizing that I have been so out of it that I don't even know what the snafoo is...LOVE your new piece. Gorgeous color and fantastic composition!

Heather Kirtland said...

Beautiful piece! I agree the composition is lovely.

Printed Material said...

Gloria, I realised you had been quiet but did not know why. I have not heard of anyone else having problems but when I updated my browser I lost blogger completely and had to revert to the old one or change to make it work. Hope you have resolved your issues and can now create freely with those fabric scraps!

gallerydarrow said...

Hmmm I'm such a computer dud, without my husband's help at times I'd be in deep doo doo, sorry I can't help, you need a teenager :)

Gorgeous piece, I love the color and textures you chose, lovely.

coco said...

i had the same problem with dashboard few weeks ago and was so frustrated. i wonder how you fixed it. i would like to know.

the bird songs, nature's voice is wonderful,isn't it. i am glad to know that you enjoy the same thing as i do very much.
spring is on the way, i think.
hope you are having good day.