Monday, June 28, 2010

The Art of Patti Roberts-Pizzuto....Graphic Subtleties

"The Tall House" by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto
Mixed media on vellum

I guess you would have to figure that I would love this work by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto.  It's graphic, but subtle; rich but spare; and always very thoughtful.  The works shown here incorporate drawing, painting, embroidery, collage, beading and beeswax; and although I chose pieces of similar muted palettes for this post, Patti has numerous colorful pieces available in her Etsy shop now.

"Winter" by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto
Mixed media on vellum
Patti has been honing the skills she acquired while completing her BFA for years now, but it's only recently that she opened her shop and started her blogs. She has two of them: Missouri Bend Studio and Missouri Bend Paper Works, the latter of which chronicles her project of creating poems from words cut from the texts of old books.

"Season Cycles / Spring" by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto
5" x 5" on handmade paper

Patti's studio blog combines lovely narrative about the artistic process with observations about life and the beauty of the natural world.  Her current post speaks to the intimacy of her small works of art as it relates to the richness of life.  Patti and her husband, who makes much of her paper and is an artist himself, live in South Dakota on the Missouri River, captured stunningly here... in my favorite "golden hour" light. :)

Have a wonderful week!


classyandsassycharms said...

I love Patti's work - I'm a big fan and can't decide which is my favorite!

layers said...

I like the artist you have featured here because I also prefer subdued colors, dots, marks, subtle textures and telling a story. do you live in Portland OR? I used to live in Tualatin and still have artist friends down there.

ArtPropelled said...

Patti's work is so delicate and beautiful. Off to follow the link.

Gloria Freshley said...

Yes, Patti's work is wonderful! So glad you stopped by to see it...