Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mid-Century Kilkenny Arts and Crafts

Vintage Kilkenny Pottery
3" x 6"
It's just past noon and I am making a commitment right now to put forth some serious effort in my studio for the next several (many?) hours, and to post new "works in progress" tomorrow. Of course, I will take breaks along the way to see what others have been working on. (The best part of blogging!) In the meantime....These little lovelies have just come out of a cupboard where they normally share space with a few other "breakables" that have been passed down through the family. These are vintage pieces that my great aunt brought back from her trip in the early '60s to her ancestral home, Ireland. They are obviously hand formed and are actually quite delicate.

They hail from Kilkenny, which has a very long tradition of arts and crafts and is now considered to be the arts and crafts center of Ireland. You can find out more about that here and here. I'm delighted to have discovered the gorgeous work of printmaker and textile/fiber artist Maeve Coulter via my brief stint of internet research this morning. Definitely worth a visit to her website as her use of color is outstanding. Happy looking!

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Erin said...

These small bowls are beautiful. I'm so intrigued by Ireland, and this just makes me so much more curious. And I looked at Maeve Coulter's website. Amazing! I'm so amazed at her ability to take 2 dimensional fabric pieces to create such stunning 3D looking pictures. All with her use of color, like you said!