Sunday, December 13, 2009

Versatex Ink, Lichen and Pecans

Spent quite a bit of time printing this weekend -- and waiting around for a "weather event" that didn't really materialize. I used Versatex water-based screenprinting inks for the first time and am very pleased with the soft "hand" they impart to the fabric. I printed on a very light-weight linen and also on the front plackets of some recycled chef's coats that I bought for pennies at a rag factory and cut up. Not sure how I will make these "patches" into something useful, but I intend to do something with them. Christmas things came down from the attic, and Christmas lights went up outside, but nothing in the house looks like the holidays yet!


lotta said...

Hi Gloria, These prints are wonderful. Thank you for visiting inleaf and for your nice comment. I am glad you discovered me, so I could discover you! Happy New Year!

Gloria said...

Thanks for looking, Lotta. And thanks very much for your kind remarks! I look forward to reading on inleaf about the new steps you're planning to take for your business during the coming year. Best Wishes.

Michelle Brunner said...


I just love your beautiful organic style! Can't wait to see more of your art:) Thanks for visiting my blog:)

Erin said...


Thanks so much for your comments and follow on my blog! I just had to come over to see some of your work, too, and I'm glad I did! I love these printed patches! I make quilts for all of my siblings when they get married (There's 7 of us and I've got two down...) I've been collecting odds and ends for my sister's quilt over the years (she is 10 years younger than me!) and these are just the patterns, colors, feel of so much of what I've already collected! I'm sure you'll find an excellent use for them:)

Gloria said...

Hi Erin. And thank YOU very much for your kind comments and for your interest in MY blog. You're right: At least some of these patches should find their way into something pieced or appliqued. My challenge is that I'm always more excited to do the next printing experiment or painting than I am to sew something! It's a bit of a problem. :( Congrats on being juried into the show at Imago Gallery! Love your work!