Tuesday, January 5, 2016

One Year Later . . .

Happy New Year!!  I hope yours is off to a great start!  We've been treated to a lovely display of treacherous ice in Portlandia.  I just poked my head out the door into the black night and the ice is going "clickity, clickity, click" as the wind blows the branches against each other.

And how is it that I have not been in this blog space for an entire year?  Well of course, I suppose there is Instagram.  It sort of turned things on end.  It's so very quick and easy.  (And I hope you'll find me there so that I can also find you there.)   And also, there is the fact that I created a website that includes a journal page.  But truth be told, I have only posted there twice, and my daughter Catherine, the advertising strategist (and painter), has informed me at least twice (gently) that two blog/journals is one too many.  And lastly, there is the fact that something is up with the Blogger widgets.  I became challenged by them to the point of maximum frustration, so I walked away from here for awhile. . . a very long while.  (And you'll notice that a few things are still amiss in my sidebar.)  

Meanwhile, I did manage to hang a show of more than twenty paintings last February (not all of them were new, of course), and I completed nine scarves/runners/wall hangings in early December that were hand printed with hand stitching embellishment, and machine pieced.  They're currently at Imogen Gallery, on the coast in Astoria, Oregon.  And, of course, there is the full-time job. . .  

Still,  there is the issue of blogging. . . . Following others on Instagram does take time.  And I'm still also following others on Flickr, though I rarely post photos there anymore.  But I recently turned my attention back to Blogger and discovered that many of you are managing to continue blogging. And it was truly a treat to get somewhat caught up with what has been happening in your lives and with your artistic pursuits.  

I think I've been away from here too long.  I think I'll resume posting here, and will direct my website viewers to this blog.   I look forward to engaging with you here on a (semi) regular basis again. (And I promise my posts will typically be short!)  :-)



coco said...

Welcome back, Gloria.
I am back to slowly though. ^^
Wishing you best of luck this year.

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hi Coco! Thanks for stopping by! I'm very happy you're back, too, as I always enjoy your posts. Wishing you all that is good in 2016!